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In this area of the website, information can be found on specific consultations, and how to respond to these.  

Public consultation: how the Commissioner will enforce compliance with standards in relation to the Welsh language 
The Welsh Language Commissioner has launched a consultation on a draft enforcement policy. 
The draft enforcement policy provides advice and information on how the Commissioner intends to enforce compliance with standards in relation to the Welsh language. It explains how the Commissioner will deal with suspected  failures to comply and what action will most likely be taken under different circumstances. It also provides information about the principles and processes the Commissioner will follow when undertaking its enforcement work. 
The consultation will give the Commissioner the opportunity to gather views in relation to its enforcement work.  In considering those opinions the Commissioner will be able to refine the policy in order to ensure that the regulatory arrangements are of the highest order.
The consultation period will start on 15 September 2014 up to 10 November 2014.  Written comments on the contents of the enforcement policy are welcomed by e-mail or by post to the following addresses:
Enforcement Policy
Welsh Language Commissioner
Market Chambers
5-7 St Mary St
CF10 1AT
The Consultation Questions:
1. Is the purpose of the draft Enforcement Policy clear enough?
2. Do you agree with the regulation principles which are noted in the draft Enforcement Policy?
3. Do you agree with the method the draft Enforcement Policy envisages using to  deal with complaints and alleged failures to comply with a standard?
4. Are the criteria in the draft Enforcement Policy, which the Commissioner will follow when making enforcement decisions, clear enough?
5. Do you agree with what the draft Enforcement Policy says about the way the Commissioner envisages using her enforcement and penal powers?
6. Is the explanation of various terms and phrases used in the draft Enforcement Policy clear enough?
7. Any additional comments.
To receive a copy of these documents in another format, please email or phone 0845 6033 221.

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